In addition, simplifies the matter is that unlike traditional machines to use our invention, does not need the consent of the neighboring owners of the land, because we move only channel.

It is also very difficult logistical task. That is why so much we wanted this to our sensor has proven itself very well – says Dr. Krzystała.Sercem strain gauge sensor – designed for the first time already in 1938. By Edward E. Simmons and Arthur C. Ruge’a device changes its electrical resistance under the influence of deformation. Its source is in this case the shock wave was influenced by the explosion, and the change of resistance is proportional to the pressure acting on the sensor. Thus, scientists can calculate the change in the resistance parameter, which wywołał.Czujnik it is connected to the “brain” of the entire device, which is shock-resistant black box, which records data from the explosion on the memory card. The box is autonomous, which means that it has its own power.

At the time of the explosion in the vehicle and it is constructed so that it starts recording simultaneously with the firing of explosives. The collected data on the memory card will be the basis for verification of theoretical models describing the influence of extreme environment on the human body. “Soldier” on which are mounted all the measuring instruments during the field test, the dummy was Zenek. – Already on the market they are dummies, which are used for similar measurements, but they cost up to 50 thousand. euro. We are not the first who developed the sensor for pressure measurement. Our solution is much cheaper – explains dr. Thumb.

The device can also be used to measure the pressure occurring in other situations. The inventors of Gliwice in mind also the application device similar studies carried out so that the górnictwa.Tymczasem in Iraq and Afghanistan MRAP proved that technical thought is able to adapt to all conditions. As reported in 2010. Newspaper “USA Today”, citing a source in the Department of Defense, the use of these vehicles reduced the number of casualties among the US military by 30 percent. between 2000 and 2010. Pentagon in 2011. he estimated that these cars are spared from the death of 40 thousand. soldiers – 10 thousand. in Iraq and 30 thousand. in Afghanistan. The sensor scientists from the Silesian University of Technology is an important part of the process which might lead to the release of the MRAP Polish market, which can be used to save the soldier’s life to some.

In Piaseczno near Warsaw losses of tens of millions of zlotys. Five years ago in the city and neighboring municipalities flooded hundreds of houses and many cars. The main culprit was a cloudburst. However, the part of the flooding have contributed clogged and obstructed culverts under roads and drainage ditches neglected because the water was not spływać.Poprawą which way the state of the latter deals with the “multi-purpose device for regenerative shaping watercourses”, which was developed in the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Poznań. – Inspiration? Inspired me dad, who lived in the countryside, daily passes near a drainage canal and knows that keeping them in good condition requires a lot of work.

A neglect can have serious consequences – explains Dr. Eng. Janusz Rutkowski, head of the team of inventors who developed pająka.Robocza name is easy to explain – machine at first glance just like a spider. Its main ridge, the engine and cab, located in the middle and is positioned on the wide track. From it there extend two double arms to which are mounted two pairs of wheels. With this construction the device itself, without any other, can enter each trench.

First moves one legs, and later body draws the end of the second leg. This design has other advantages as well. – ditches and canals are irregular, often are steep slope and in the middle or on the edge of their trees grow. Thanks to the unique design of our spider can handle. In addition, simplifies the matter is that unlike traditional machines to use our invention, does not need the consent of the neighboring owners of the land, because we move only channel. But the hosts often do not want to share their fields to pass machines, because it results in measurable losses – adds Janusz Rutkowski.Ważnym advantage is a multifunctional device invented in PIMR. During the construction machine engineers talked with representatives of water companies who are engaged in taking care of this kind of watercourses.

The talks focused on practical problems. It turned out, inter alia, that most treatments associated with annual mowing grass and shrubs grubbing, further, every few years, it is required blowdown bottom, and on this occasion to grub up roots, clearing the road culverts, etc. Rarely appearing difficulties are clogged culverts that so far the workers simply trying to unclog the blades. But it happens that the passages are longer and they can not be unblocked. Therefore, engineers came up with a special drill, which can be connected to the spider. This technological innovation will cleanse clogged przepust.Innym every problem we have to deal with the Water workers are eg.

Trees that grow in the drainage ditches. Often it happens that the feet are neglected for years, and the thickness of the trunks dating back several centimeters. – From what is above ground, easy to deal with. You simply saw, and our machine can cut the tree a special boom. The bigger problem are the roots – says Rutkowski. So far, employees of water companies simply took the ax and shovels and worked foot in the water. Special grubber roots, which can be mounted to the spider, solves the problem far more efektywnie.Nowatorskie device can also desludge or deepen drainage ditches. Mowing grass and reeds also can be performed using the robot – the fight against overgrowth can take place on many levels.

Sitting in the cab, you feel like the war in the movie “The Matrix”, when people rode big machines that had to fight the invasion of robots. Before comfortable seat monitors are installed, and that it was better to see what happens in the back, even they placed the camera, and each machine operator with hands resting on the joystick moving one of the legs (the maximum distance between the support arms is 9 meters). It is interesting that the special pads, which controls the working tools (eg. Mowers), printed on a 3D printer. Weighing nearly 20 tons of spider moves at a speed of 2-5 km / h, but the effects of this work are really imponujące.Ten managed to build a prototype within worth more than 8 million zł project from the EU Operational Program Innovative Economy. And although the cost of the implementation of the production will be counted in the millions, they should be willing to find, because taking care of watercourses huge areas of concerns. – In our country there are three types of courses. Furrows specific (bottom width is 0.4 meters), the base of drainage channels (0.8-2 meters) and large discharge channels with a width of approx.

10 meters. The care typically the smallest farmers. The largest of these is always flowing water, so require different treatment technologies. And in the medium water is sometimes, sometimes not, because they are the most vulnerable to fouling – explains Rutkowski. And it is precisely for this type of care channels most water companies or provincial or municipal drainage.

It is estimated that 2 km canal overgrown 10-man team desludging and mows for approx. Two weeks. The cost of such work is approx. 15 thousand. zł. The use of the spider is six times cheaper. – In our opinion, in Poland, you need at least 30 such machines. We have already pre-interested, but always the most difficult to sell the first copy – says Dr.

Eng. And adds Rutkowski. – How to get through this channel, then it will be no easier. ©? Eureka! DGPTrwa second edition of the “Eureka! DGP – discover Polish inventions. ” Its aim is to promote Polish science and the creative potential of our inventors. Every week until June 5 in Stock DGP we describe inventions nominated by our editorial staff for the main award, chosen from 54 submitted by 17 universities and 26 submitted by 13 research institutes.

The contest will take place in June. The prize is 30 thousand. zł for the team that worked on the winning invention, funded by the Patron of the Polish Science – Polpharma company – and the promotional campaign worth 50 thousand. zł in the media Infor Business (publisher of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna), sponsored by the organizer. This year all participants will be invited to present their inventions during the Third International Fair of Innovation and New Technologies INNO-TECH EXPO, which will take place on 15-16 October 2015. Presentation of the inventions Kielce Trade Fairs will be an excellent opportunity to establish business cooperation, which will increase the possibility of rapid introduction of new products to the market. Practice makes perfect – this saying is a lot of truth. Regardless of whether it is a repeat ad nauseam the same movements during the course of the martial arts, or the virtual encounter with the representatives of alien civilizations carried on by cadets at Starfleet Academy (known fans of the TV series “Star Trek”), exercises are aimed at manufacturing reflexes, which will come out unscathed from emergency situations. Knowledge about what it portends and how to behave when they come, to avoid unnecessary losses – especially where they rarely happen.

For example, in energetyce.To because in training young students who will manage power at different scales, built special simulators that can mimic the behavior of power systems in industrial plants, and even in the whole transmission networks. Such a device constructed by Dr. Andrew Włóczyk of Opole University of Technology. – We strive to minimize the cost and time of training people who then will be responsible for the correct operation of the network at different scales. At the same time has a way of simulation in a comprehensive way represent real phenomena in applied systems – explained Dr. Włóczyk.Urządzenie resembles a large, gray wardrobe, whose front cover various switches, digital and analog clocks. In addition, an integral part of the set is a software simulator where the user can enter a variety of input data on the specificity of the simulated system.

Assures Dr. Włóczyk, the device is versatile and can be used to simulate any system. – The entire system is complete and analogous to the one that will be performed in real-power facility – says naukowiec.Osoba, which will have the task of power management must be aware of how to work together and depend on each other all the great components of the circuit, which is the de facto power grid, eg. in the plant. This is what is necessary intercourse with the physical simulator, equipped with used equipment in the industry. Therefore, the simulator developed by Dr. Włóczyka is equipped with the physical models of circuit breakers, disconnectors, switches, transformers and tap, in other words all of the energetics future may encounter in everyday pracy.- Such a person needs to learn how to act, in different reaction conditions and configurations of system protection, the devices react in a crisis situation without the need for human intervention to protect the power grid. In such an assembly is fitted, for example.

Each transformer, including those that are in the characteristic humming buildings, residential areas. The simulator can show the behavior of security automation in situations such as incorrect position of the auxiliary contact, gluing or working contacts network interference – explains Dr. Włóczyk.Symulator far Włóczykowi used as a teaching aid in the classroom, which leads with the students. Apart from the teaching device could be used to simulate the electrical network in industrial plants in order to test components built into them. For the sake of diversity activities in factories, mines and assembly halls many electrical components directly on the edge of the needs of the plant. Other transformers need mine, which is equipped with a 6 megawatt turbine to force air under the ground, and the other mill equipped with an open-hearth furnace. Companies providing solutions for the electric power industry could then use the simulator to test the components produced by it do my history assignment that, before delivery of the product to see how it will behave in the target środowisku.- Testing such solutions before delivery is essential.

Currently, testers are used for individual devices, the use of our solution allows simple connection by performing the simulation of working diagnosis device in normal conditions, disturbance and damage to equipment during power. This allows for error-free diagnosis and thorough system – says Dr. Włóczyk.Przydatność simulators such as the one developed by Dr. Włóczyka or systems based on software only recognizes the power on virtually every level – from suppliers to the national transmission system operators. It is on the latter, moreover, the main responsibility of pregnancy, mainly by the possibility of rare but severe emergency situations, as a result of which they lose the ability to generate energy, for example, all power units.

Their restart in extreme cases can take several days. Such a situation, for example, was a blackout in Szczecin in 2008, r.Celem training of staff responsible for supervising the whole transmission system operator of the national Polish Power Grid already in 2013. Installed at its headquarters a special National Power System Simulator. With the management of emergencies there are trained workers available national and provincial power and distribution system operators, dispatchers and traffic engineers on duty power. It primarily is to develop in these people good reflexes for emergency situations that do not happen often and can be devastating in skutkach.- For safe operation of the National Power System are crucial ability to recognize and eliminating threats and deal services national and provincial dispatching available power states of emergency and work interference.

Therefore cascading off, short-circuit, loss of voltage stability, and even the disintegration and reconstruction of the system – is only part of the phenomena that will be covered by the training conducted in our simulator – stressed during commissioning simulator Henryk Majchrzak, CEO of PSE. Without this method, it is impossible to imagine modern archeology and anthropology. Radiowęglowemu were dating, among others, Dead Sea Scrolls, also called the Qumran manuscripts, the Shroud of Turin and scarf Oviedo. Also resorted to not to determine the age of the mummified man found by hikers in the Alps in 1991., Known widely as Ötzi.Metoda this science is so important that its discoverer – American Willard Libby – received the Nobel Prize in chemistry already eight years after the publication of only a 111-page monograph, in which he described the method and its principles of operation. Prior to determine the age of the finds at times problematic, and consuming a lot of time.

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